Sep 14, 2017


A drawing I did with a white pen on black ink background.

Sep 12, 2017

Brooklyn Sprouts

When my wife and I returned from 10 days at the beach, a sweet potato had sprouted in a very beautiful manner. I wanted to do a drawing of it because it was so unusual.

Sep 1, 2017

Bad Oysters

I was finding a lot of ugly oyster shells on the New Jersey beach. These made a good contribution to my shell series. Being vegan I don't eat oysters anymore but if I did, I'm not sure I'd even eat a New Jersey Oyster. Don't mind drawing them though.

Aug 31, 2017

Paul Grammas

Another portrait of me by some crazy artist, Paul Grammas. Perfect.

Aug 30, 2017

Land Of Broken Shells

My niece Collette loves to collect shells. She does not really differentiate between whole or broken. To her, a cool shell is a cool shell. So I thought I would do a drawing of just broken shells. It was a study in seeing how shells get the crap beat out of them in the surf. Sort of like my body at the beach.

Aug 29, 2017

My Show

If anyone would like to meet me and see some bad paintings, now's your chance. Saturday, September 9th from 7 until 10 in lovely Red Hook, Brooklyn. I'll be there.